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Centrifuge for the concentration of biological samples on a surface, Orto Alresa

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Centrifuge for the concentration of biological samples on a surface, Orto Alresa

Art #:
Validity: 31.12.2021
Last Update: 14.06.2021
Centrifuge for the concentration of biological samples on a surface, Orto Alresa

The cytocentrifuge is designed for the concentration of biological samples on a surface which can be seen with a microscope and its subsequent identification and characterization.

Its easy use reduces the handling time, which is essential in oncology, cytology, hematology, virology and microbiology services.

It is provided with a swing out rotor for 4 holders which can recover the strain for its processing depending on the position of the containers. Another advantage is that some rotor for tubes, microtubes or plates can be adapted.

User friendliness

  • User friendly sealed holders which prevent the leak of the sample.
  • Fast identification of microorganisms.
  • Detection of cells even in low-concentrated liquids.
  • Processing time < 15 minutes.
  • LDC screen which shows RPM/RCF, time, temperature and deceleration.
  • Intuitive use with start, stop, lid opener and short centrifugation buttons.
  • Automatic rotor recognition.
  • Automatic lid lock.
  • Controlled by microprocessor.
  • 16 memories.
  • Blocking/modifying option of RPM/RCF while operating.
  • Acceleration control and up to 175 ramps for a progressive deceleration.


  • Induction motor, maintenance free.
  • Noiseless <60 dB.
  • Rotor list on memory.
  • Short spin key, with adjustable speed.
  • Open lid automaticaly selectable.
  • Possibility for adapted some rotor for tubes (check Digicen 21 accessories, page 30)


  • Alarm to prevent the drying of the samples every 20 seconds.
  • Lid lock and protection against the opening while operating.
  • Manual overriding for emergency.
  • Unbalance switch off.
  • Chamber of centrifugation in stainless steel.
  • Port of view on lid for calibration and check the operation.
  • Continuous check of the equipment, shown by messages on the screen.
  • Guard ring between the chamber of centrifugation and the housing.

Standards and EC Directives

EU Directives: 98/79/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2011/65/EU, 2012/19/EU.
Standards: EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-020, EN 61326-1.