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AccuHarvest On-Combine Grain Analyzer, Zeltex

Art #:
Validity: 31.12.2021
Last Update: 14.06.2021
AccuHarvest On-Combine Grain Analyzer, Zeltex
Until now, profitability has been the promise of precision farming. The Accuharvest makes that promise a reality.

With the AccuHarvest On-Combine Analyzer you will be able to segregate your crops by quality, provide field maps showing the protein content of the entire field, and give you fast, accurate, real-time analysis of your grains.

The industry's first commercial on-combine grain analyzer can be fitted onto any combine to give you that analysis Where you need it most .. When you need it most
How does it work?

The AccuHarvest is mounted directly to your clean grain elevator. As you harvest, the Accuharvest will sample the grain four to five times per minute (on average). The Accuharvest's patented optics and sampling technique will provide fast and accurate analysis of protein, moisture, and oil. This information is logged by a DataLogger which displays the current reading as well as a "bin average". This information can be later used to create accurate field maps which will allow you to more efficiently plant, fertilize, and harvest next years crop.

The Accuharvest will accurately analyze your grains as you harvest allowing you to create field maps that are precise and meaningful.