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Benchtop centrifuges without cooling Digicen 21, Orto Alresa

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Benchtop centrifuges without cooling Digicen 21, Orto Alresa

Art #:
Digicen 21
Validity: 31.12.2021
Last Update: 14.06.2021
Benchtop centrifuges without cooling Digicen 21, Orto Alresa

The centrifuge Digicen 21 highlights for its versatility among the universal centrifuges and it’s provided of:

  • Swing out rotors for max 4 x 100 ml for tubes , microplates as well as microtubes.
  • Angle fixed low speed up to 24 tubes of 15ml.
  • Angle fixed high speed for microtubes up to 50 ml conical.

It´s controlled through LCD screen showing centrifugation values as time, RPM/RCF, as well as braking time, graphic for open lid, progress bar , messages and acoustic signals for error or end of program , which provides the user the process monitoring.

Thinking on centrifugation.


User friendliness

  • LCD screen shown RPM/RCF (on steps 100 RPM/10xg),time, temperature (1°C steps) and acceleration/deceleration (1 second steps).
  • Intuitive handling through start, stop, short spin and lid keys.
  • Rotor list on memory.
  • Timer count up/down, from 0 or at “set RPM/RCF” for test reproducibility.
  • Short spin key with speed adjustable.
  • Automatic rotor recognition.
  • Progresive acceleration and braking selectable by operator up to 175 ramps.
  • 16 memories.
  • Automatic open lid (non-refrigerated)
  • Lid latch lock.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Option: free or locked adjustment of RPM/RCF along the run.


  • Induction motor maintenance free
  • Max. capacity. 4 x 100 ml.
  • Speed, up to 24.959 xg/16.500 RPM
  • Quiet: noise level < 60 dB.


  • Lid locking and holding.
  • Imbalance switch off.
  • Manual overriding.
  • Chamber of centrifugation in stainless steel.
  • Viewing and calibration port in the lid.
  • Several messages keep the operator informed about the device situation.
  • Guard ring between the chamber of centrifugation and the housing.
  • Lid dropping protection.

Standards and EC Directives

EU Directives: 98/79/EC, 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC, 2011/65/EU, 2012/19/EU.

Standards: EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-020, EN 61326-1.

Technical data
Refrigeration available: No