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ASTM centrifuge Digtor 21 C-8, Orto Alresa

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ASTM centrifuge Digtor 21 C-8, Orto Alresa

Art #:
Digtor 21C-8
Validity: 31.12.2021
Last Update: 14.06.2021
ASTM centrifuge Digtor 21 C-8, Orto Alresa

The centrifuge Digtor 21 C-8 is designed for the determination of water and sediments in oils, and characteristics of precipitation and demulsibility and the characterization of waste oils, on labs with a high number of samples, due to it can spin up to 8 tubes of 8” at once.

It is provided with accessories for spin cylinder-conical tubes of 6 and 8 inches, pear-shaped tubes of 6 inches and tubes for trace elements and 12,5ml.

Its proper for processing samples according following standards : ASTM D 91, D 96, D 893, D 1796, D 2273, D 2709, D 2711, D 4007, D 5546, API 2542, API 2548, BS 4385, ISO 3734, ISO 9030, IP75, IP 359, NF M07-020.

User friendliness

  • TFT touch screen easy to read and values selection (RPM on steps of 100, RCF on steps of 10xg), time, temperature (1°C steps), acceleration/deceleration (1 second steps).
  • The screen which indicates the status can be seen from more than 3 m.
  • Rotor and adapters list on memory.
  • Real values on screen of RCF (xg) based on accessories configuration.
  • Timer count up/down, from 0 or at “set RPM/RCF” for test reproducibility.
  • Short spin key with speed adjustable.
  • Progressive acceleration and braking selectable by operator up to 175 ramps.
  • Automatic rotor recognition.
  • Automatic lid latch lock.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Option: free or locked adjustment of RPM/RCF along the run.
  • Program data protection through password selectable.
  • Tubes on upright on rest.


  • Induction motor maintenance free.
  • Max. speed 3.000 RPM/2.425 RCF (on steps 100 RPM/10 xg)
  • Quiet: noise level < 60 dB.
  • 15 memories + pre-heating program: it allows warm the chamber to test temperature before spin the sample.
  • Device and accessories specially designed for petrol applications.


  • Optional Gas Release System: all devices include pre-installation.
  • Isolated avoiding heat lost.
  • Lid locking and holding and lid dropping protection.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Imbalance switch off.
  • Chamber of centrifugation in stainless steel.
  • Viewing and calibration port in the lid.
  • Several messages keep the operator informed about the device situation.
  • Guard ring between the chamber of centrifugation and the housing.


  • Preheating program with rotor spinning and temperature selectable by operator.
  • Temperature from room + 5°C to 80°C (176°F).
  • Scale Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Temperature sensor inside the chamber.