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    Visible Spectrophotometer, 325-1000 nm, 11D-V, EMCLAB

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    Visible Spectrophotometer, 325-1000 nm, 11D-V, EMCLAB

    Wenk LabTec
    Art #: EMC-11D-V
    Validity: 31.12.2018
    Last Update: 07.09.2018
    Visible Spectrophotometer, 325-1000 nm, 11D-V, EMCLAB

    EMC-11D-V is the only model of manually setting wavelength, but precise design and high quality components ensures excellent performance. It is widely used in high schools and colleges for general analysis and experiments.


    • LCD screen (128*64 Dots)
    • Wavelength can be read out from the screen directly
    • Auto Zero and Blank
    • Parallel port, printed directly
    • Large sample compartment, it can be accommodate 5-100 mm path length cuvettes with optional holders
    • Pre-aligned design ensures the user can change lamp conveniently
    • Inclusive PC Basic software based on Windows
    • High quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm grating ensure high accuracy and precision
    Model EMC-11D-V
    Wavelength Range 325-1000 nm
    Spectral Bandwidth 4 nm
    Optical System Singe Beam, grating 1200 lines/mm
    Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
    Wavelength Repeatability 1 nm
    Photometric Accuracy <±0.5 % T or ±0.003A@1A
    Photometric Range 0-200 % T, -0.3 - 3A, 0-1999 Conc
    Stray Light 0.3 % T
    Stability ±0.004A/h @500 nm
    Display 128*64 LCD
    Photometric Mode T, A, C, F
    Detector Silicon Photodiode
    Standard Cell Holder 4-position 10 mm cell changer
    Sample compartment Standard 10 mm path length cuvette
    Light Source Tungsten lamp
    Output USB Port & Parallel Port (Printer)
    Power Requirement AC 85V~265V 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions (LxWxH) 489 x 387 x 180 mm
    Weight 8 kg