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ZX-50 - Portable Grain Analyzer, Zeltex

Art #:
ZX 50
Validity: 31.12.2021
Last Update: 14.06.2021
ZX-50 - Portable Grain Analyzer, Zeltex
The ZX-50 is lightweight and completely portable, allowing analysis in the field, on the truck, or at the silo. Using Patented, proven technology, the ZX-50 comes precalibrated for Protein, Moisture & Oil in many types of grain.

  • Lab Accurate Results in less than a minute
    • Battery or A/C operated
      • No Sample Preparation Required
        • Reliable, Solid State Design
          • Patented, Proven Technology

          The ZX-50 Can be calibrated for:

        • All types of Wheat
          • Corn
            • Soybean
              • Soymeal
                • Barley
                  • Rice
                    • Oats
                      • Canola
                        • Milo
                          • And more.