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    ZX-101XL - Portable Near-Infrared Octane/Cetane Analyzer, Zeltex

    Wenk LabTec
    Art #: ZX 101 XL
    Validity: 31.12.2018
    Last Update: 07.09.2018
    ZX-101XL - Portable Near-Infrared Octane/Cetane Analyzer, Zeltex
    Responding to the suggestions of our customers, Zeltex, Inc. has introduced the ZX-101XL. Combining the proven track record of our ZX-101 line with the improvements suggested by you, our customers, the ZX-101XL can tell you if you are reading Gasoline or Ethanol Blended Fuels.

    • Lab Accurate Results in less than 30 seconds
      • Automatic Fuel Detection
        • Batter or A/C Operated
          • Built in Printer
            • Reliable, Solid State Design
              • Patented, Proven Technology
                • Optional GPS Locator

                The ZX-101XL Can be calibrated for:

              • Gasoline (Standard)
                • Ethanol Blended Fuels (Standard)
                  • Diesel Fuel
                    • Biodiesel Fuel
                      • And more.