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    PrO-Analytical  Floor Standing Centrifuge CR9FS, Centurion

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    PrO-Analytical Floor Standing Centrifuge CR9FS, Centurion

    Art #: CR9FS
    Validity: 31.12.2018
    Last Update: 06.12.2017
    PrO-Analytical Floor Standing Centrifuge CR9FS, Centurion
    CR9FS Ambient
    CR9FS.(230V 50/60Hz). 1.CR9FS.(110V 60Hz)
    Speed 500-15,000 Rpm
    (10 Rpm steps)
    Rcf Max 22,000 G
    Timer 0-99 Mins & Hold
    (30 sec steps)
    Dimensions HWD 710 x 650 x 630mm
    Weight 80 Kg (without rotor)
    Power 750 Watts
    Memory 10 programs
    Accel rates 10 programs
    Decel rates 10 programs

    PrO-Analytical range. Workhorse Centrifuges for all uses.
    Seperation of Chemicals, Blood, Urine, Faeces, DNA, Biochemical, Zoological.
    In Industrial, Science, Universities, Pharmaceutical, R&D and all other Laboratories

    3 Year Warranty on Parts and 5 years Warranty on the Motor.
    Some of the standard Quality features include:
    • An extra thick stainless steel bowl
    • An alloy and steel frame
    • A world leading inverter
    • The best quality European brushless motor
    Our PrO-Analytical range of Centrifuges also include the following user features:
    • A Bright Blue LED display
    • 10 acceleration rates
    • 10 Decelleration rates
    • 10 memory Program.
    • Program in Speed or Rcf (G)
    • A timer from 0-99 minutes, and Constant. Program in 30 second increments
    • A pulse short run button
    As centrifuges can be very dangerous in the event of a malfunction or if they are mishandled we have included various safety features to protect the user.
    The Pro-Analytical centrifuge range includes the following safety features:
    • A multi-point locking lid
    • Emergency lid release
    • A lid spring strut
    • Lid lock detection
    • Imbalance detection (new high speed sensor type for 2017)
    • An over speed sensor
    • A barrier ring
    • A motor overheat sensor.
    All our ranges are CE Marked and Compliant.
    ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 Quality Certified

    Accessories & spare parts:


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      Swing out Rotor (2,3,4L, ASTM)
    • BRK5100
      Fixed Angle Rotor 6 x 100ml max complete
    • BRK5208
      Fixed Angle Rotor 8 x 50ml 10000 Rpm max
    • BRK5210
      Fixed Angle Rotor 6x 100ml 10000 Rpm Max
    • BRK5224
      Fixed Angle Rotor 24 x 15ml 10000 rpm max
    • BRK5256
      Fixed Angle Rotor 6 x 250ml 10000 rpm max
    • BRK5308
      Fixed Angle Rotor 8 x 50ml
    • BRK5324
      Fixed Angle Rotor 24 x 15ml
    • BRK5401
      Haematocrit/Microtube Rotor with lid
    • BRK5424
      Fixed angle rotor 24x1.5-2.2ml sealed lid max
    • BRK5436
      Fixed Angle Rotor 36 x 0.5ml with sealed lid
    • BRK5448
      Fixed Angle 48 x 0.2ml with sealed lid
    • BRK5494
      Fixed Angle Rotor 4xPcr Strip rotor
    • BRK5540
      Microtitor Plate Rotor 2016 model 3500 rpm