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Haematocrit/Microtube Rotor with lid

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Haematocrit/Microtube Rotor with lid

Art #:
Validity: 31.12.2018
Last Update: 04.12.2017
Haematocrit/Microtube Rotor with lid
Haematocrit/Microtube Rotor with lid
(Combination Rotor)
24 x Capillary (size 2 x 75 mm max)
12 x 2ml (size 11 x 40mm max)
Max speed 12,000Rpm Max RCF 13500
Autoclavable at 121°C

Accessories & spare parts:

Accessory of:

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    PrO-Hospital Floor Standing Centrifuge BBFS (4L Max), Centurion
    PrO-Hospital Refrigerated Floor Standing Centrifuge BBFSR (4L Max), Centurion
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  • CR2000
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  • CR2000R
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  • CR4000
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  • CR7000R
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  • CR7FS
    PrO-Analytical Floor Standing Centrifuge CR7FS, Centurion
  • CR7FSR
    Refrigerated PrO-Analytical Floor Standing Centrifuge CR7FSR, Centurion
  • CR9FS
    PrO-Analytical Floor Standing Centrifuge CR9FS, Centurion
  • CR9FSR
    Refrigerated PrO-Analytical Floor Standing Centrifuge CR9FSR, Centurion
  • HL
    PrO-Hospital Large Prime Centrifuge HL, (2/3L), Centurion
  • HLFS
    PrO-Hospital Floor Standing Centrifuge HLFS (3L Max), Centurion
    PrO-Hospital Refrigerated Floor Standing Centrifuge HLFSR (3L Max), Centurion
  • HLR
    PrO-Hospital Large Prime Centrifuge HLR, (2/3L), Refrigerated, Centurion
  • K1015
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  • K241
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  • K241R
    PrO-Research Medium Prime Centrifuge K241R (1L), Refrigerated, Centurion
  • K242
    Benchtop PrO-Research Large Centrifuge K242, (2L), Centurion Scientific
  • K242R
    PrO-Research Centrifuge K242R Large Prime (2L), Refrigerated, Сenturion
  • K243
    Benchtop PrO-Research Large Prime Centrifuge K243, (3L), Centurion Scientific
  • K243FS
    Floor standing PrO-Research Centrifuge K243FS (3L), Centurion Scientific
  • K243R
    Benchtop PrO-Research Large Prime Centrifuge K243R (3L), Refrigerated, Centurion
  • K243RFS
    Floor standing PrO-Research Centrifuge K243RFS (3L), Refrigerated, Centurion
  • K244FS
    Floor standing PrO-Research Centrifuge K244FS (4L Max), Centurion Scientific
  • K244RFS
    Floor standing PrO-Research Centrifuge K244RFS (4L Max), Refrigerated, Centurion
  • LC
    PrO-Hospital Small Prime Centrifuge LC, Centurion
  • LL
    PrO-Hospital Medium Prime Centrifuge LL (1L), Centurion
  • LLR
    PrO-Hospital Medium Prime Centrifuge LLR, (1L) Refrigerated, Centurion
  • PCVs
    PrO-Hospital Micro Prime Centrifuge PCVS, Centurion