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Water-purification system Technical 100, Hydrolab

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Water-purification system Technical 100, Hydrolab

Art #:
Validity: 31.12.2019
Last Update: 12.06.2019
Water-purification system Technical 100, Hydrolab
Technical 100-400: Price not contains tank, connectors (water supply, sewage) and a set of filters are included

INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS – SPRING/TECHNICAL demineralizers, of an industrial efficiency of between 100 and 1000 dm3/h, allow to obtain water of a high pureness, matching the standards of PN-EN ISO 3696:1999, ASTM, CLSI and FP. These demineralizers may be used in an industry (pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, electronics, etc.) as a central unit producing demineralized water, distributed through a network, feeding multiple labratory rooms, floors or particular devices. Design Design, production, service of laboratory water purification systems.