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your global
premium supplier
for laboratory equipment,
accessories and consumables
of word leading manufacturers.

Wenk LabTec – your reliable partner
We are a premium supplier for products of leading brands.
From laboratory equipment to consumables and accessories – our product spectrum covers (almost) all aspects of your requirements.
You benefit from our range of many hundreds of thousands of products, offering you a nearly unlimited selection.
Despite the vast array of products, all products have one factor in common: we only select high quality and excellent cost/benefit relationship suppliers.
Having immediate access to tens of thousands of stocked items your requirements can usually be fulfilled with very short delivery times.
Our webshop, many brochures and a very comprehensive catalogue in various languages enable you to 24/7 select the right products for your needs. At excellent prices, shown online.
We have one overriding goal – Successful and long-lasting relations with our customers!
To make this possible our team of highly skilled and qualified international managers is ready to assist you.