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  • Fermenter sampling
  • Airborne microbe sampling
  • Sample and filter bags
  • Sterile sampling, sterile dilution equipment and media

Sample preparation

  • Bacteria inoculation
  • Diluters
  • Rotatable Petri dish work table
  • Automatic staining units
  • Bunsen burners
  • Inoculation loop carousel
  • Laboratory homogenizers
  • Workbenches
  • Petri dish filling units
  • Spiralplater
  • Ultrasonic units

Incubation / Fermentation

  • Incubation cabinets
  • Filling units for anaerobic digesters
  • Workbenches

Sample Analysis

  • Haloes calipers
  • Data loggers for temperature and humidity
  • Manual and automatic colony counters
  • Multiple biosensor analyzer systems
  • Offline cell counters
  • Offline cell counters for breweries
  • Online-determination of biomass concentration
  • Online yeast counters for breweries
  • Determination of water activity