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About us

About us

Wenk LabTec GmbH is a full-spectrum supplier of laboratory equipment having particular strengths in the export market.

We have one overriding goal: Successful customer relations.

Our business partners are distributors for laboratory equipment – companies like yours, having long-term experience in their markets and having excellent customer contacts.

Do you need high quality products, produced by internationally respected manufacturers, at fair prices?

Are you seeking, in addition to the products of manufacturers whom you already represent, alternatives produced by other manufacturers which your customers are demanding for?

Do you participate in tenders and require a broad product portfolio for your submissions?

Do you desire to utilize marketing tools, which will increase your customer’s loyalty?

Do you wish to offer your customers your services as a one-stop-shopping-partner?

Would you like to have a business partner, who assists you to find the products wanted by your customers?

Do you desire the capability to be able to deliver products very quickly, even though the quantities involved may be small?

You have the requirements – We are your solution!

We offer you comprehensive supply capabilities and competent advice from one single source for:

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory consumable supplies
  • Specific analysis equipment
  • Laboratory planning
  • Independent consulting by trained personnel
  • Your personal contact advisor
  • Access to high stockage capacities
  • Professional processing for export
  • Online catalogues
  • Printed catalogues in various languages