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Not only can we supply widely-used mass-production lab articles, but also for  special-purpose instruments, such as NIR analyzers for foodstuffs and animal forage analysis or AAS instruments for heavy metals analysis, we have contacts with many excellent instrument manufacturers.

You have the requirement – We have the instrument!

Acquisition of an analytical instrument often represents a very considerable financial investment. The user expects, in addition to excellent analytical performance, high cost-effectiveness, reliability, ease of operation, long operating life – and support / service on which he can depend.

We offer flexible, future-oriented AAS, sum parameter and elemental analysis instruments. Innovative solutions enable automation to be combined with reliability in products of unique quality. The resulting instruments are suitable for even the most varied of sample matrices. Purchasing your instrument through us puts both the extensive experience of the manufacturer, as well as the competence of our sales team, at your service.

We are your source of expert advice in all aspects of this subject. We support you in the choice of the correct product, the formulation of tender-winning specifications and product adaptation to your particular application. Our assistance extends well beyond mere sales – we follow through with qualified after-sales-service.

To achieve this high level of coordinated support, we work closely with our instrument suppliers, Bruins GmbH, Aurora Instruments and behr Labor-Technik GmbH.

We don’t merely sell instruments – we provide solutions!