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Atomic Spectroscopy

Atomic Spectroscopy

The atomic spectrometers from Aurora Instruments provide the analyst with highly innovative technologies for trace and ultra-trace analyses which are simultaneously so simple and robust that they guarantee the highest efficiency and productivity in every laboratory.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
The models AI500 and AI1200 are both available to you..
We market these instruments, which are produced by Aurora Instruments cover the entire spectrum of single element and sequential multi-element analysis, ranging from graphite tube AAS to compact spectrometers. They thus embody a unique combination of performance, versatility, automation, reliability and flexibility, all combined with excellent cost-effectiveness.

Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy
The AF3200 is a compact analyzer, which is especially optimized for the determination of mercury. It offers all of the advantages obtainable from a comprehensive economical trace determination for mercury, zinc and cadmium.