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Elemental Analysis

Elemental Analysis

Our product lines include high quality, precise and effective analytical instruments.
These instruments perform elemental analyses in solid samples such as steel, copper, aluminum, ore, cement, ceramic, coal, minerals, ash, gypsum, soil, rubber, etc.
The instruments for determination of carbon and sulfur produced by behr Labor-Technik GmbH find application in many areas:

  • Production quality control
  • Materials research
  • Process control
  • Environmental analysis

The detection principle of our analyzers is either coulometric titration or infra-red spectroscopy. Both programmable infrared furnaces and high-temperature resistance furnaces are available for sample combustion.

Coulometric Analyzers fort the Determination of Carbon and Sulfur
We offer the behr C 30 / CS 30 analyzers for the coulometric determination of carbon or both carbon and sulfur. The samples may be combusted in either a programmable infrared furnace with downstream resistance zone or in a high-temperature resistance furnace.

Analyzers for the Determination of Carbon and Sulfur with NDIR Detection
The behr C 50, S 50 and CS 50 series of instruments are ideal for rapid, exacting and reliable analyses of carbon and sulfur – both in low ppm concentrations as well as in high percent concentrations. New low-noise detectors enable nearly all applications to be conducted with only one single detector. In instances of extreme analytical range requirements, an expansion of up to 3 detectors (2 C + 1 S or 1 C and 2 S) is possible.