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    Orto Alresa sieve shaker OASS203 incl. sieve-set only for 1.998,00 Euro!

    Only now! Zeltex ZX-101 RZ RuggediZed Portable Near-Infrared Octane/Cetane Analyzer only 9.998,00 Euro!

    The Portable Whole Grain Analyzer Zeltex now for only 5.998 Euro! ...for analysis... where you need it most... when you need it most..
    Conditions valid until end of December 2017! Microfuge C1015 at Wenk LabTec from Centurion Scientific!
    Benchtop Centrifuge Centurion Scientific PrO-Analytcal CR2000 for general purpose. K241R benchtop centrifuge, refrigerated, one liter capacity, Centurion
    Benchtop Centrifuge Centurion Scientific PrO-Analytcal C1006. Choose your ASTM centrifuge right now!
    Conditions valid until end of December 2017! Orbital shaker IKA KS 260! Super price - 46% off!
    Ultra pure water system arium® pro DI-T. ASTM Typ 1 water purification system for the high-end user. Automatic test recognition with internal barcode reader. Premium optical system with reference beam.
    Refractometer Kern ORT1RS at special price! Transmitted light microscope OBE112 from Kern!
    Safety Cabinet Class II Airstream from ESCO only now 4.998,00 EURO! Compact digital 2-scale hand refractometers for measuring the sugar content and refractive index of liquids.
    Binder Oven ED56 (57L volume) only from 770,00 EURO! Prices are valid until December 31st 2017! BINDER  Drying and heating chambers Avantgarde.Line ED- and FD- Series  -33% OFF. Prices are valid until December 31st 2017!
    Dispenser ceramus® from Hirschmann. Graduated AS-Class Pipettes from Hirschmann only from 1,55 Euro!
    LLG-uniCFUGE - Good quality- Super Price! Magnetic stirrers from LLG-Labware - great choice!
    Get your Brand Trasferpette S Starter Kits or promotionel packages at our special price! Special offer valid to 31.03.2018. Find your data logger!
    Borosilicate Glass 3.3 - Beaker, Erlenmeyer, Bottles - All you need and much more! Enbio microwave autoclave microjet. Very fast sterilization time from 7 to max. 12 min. 
    Water purification systems for laboratory purposes. Distillation was yesterday! 
    Labtower Water Purification System only now for Super Price! Hematology Analyzer Diatron Abacus Junior Vet only now 8.900,00 Euro!
    Radwag MA 50.R Moisture Analyzer only 600,00 Euro! The AS.R series represents a new standart level for analytical balances.
    Analytical equipment from YUCEBAS MACHINE for Super Prices! Dilution, Rinsing, Dual Liquid Handing and  Re-circulation in a single unit.
    New generation of ultra-microbalances UYA 4Y is designed to meet the highest requirements for determination of mass. (7 digits after Zero). The AS.X2 series represents a new advanced level for analytical balances.