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    Requests for quotation with insufficient information

    Dear Business-Partners!

    Thank you very much for your request for quotation.

    But unfortunately we are not able to give you an adequate quotation without any further information.

    Let us explain something:
    We are a wholesale distributor, located in Germany.
    And we don't have the knowledge about your markets, we don't know your customer structure,
    we don't know the markets they are in, we don't know their needs.
    You are our partner in your country.
    This means that you are the link between your customer and us.
    You have direct access to your customers, you can visit them, you can talk with them, you can get immediate response.
    And you understand and know the needs of them.

    Of course it takes some time to get these information.
    Of course it is much easier to forward some requests from your customers directly to us.
    But you should also understand that we are just not able to work on requests from your side that contain just a minimum of information.

    There are different types of insufficient information.
    Some requests are lacking just any required details, such as:
    With these information we just cannot do anything.
    And this should be obvious.
    We don't have any information on the manufacturer, on the application, on the instrument, the accessories - just nothing what is needed.

    Another type is a request for an instrument, but some important information is missing.
    For example we get a request for an incubator, with a certain temperature range - but the required capacity is missing.
    So what does the customer want - 23 ltrs. or 720 ltrs. capacity?
    You know that there are big differences.

    And again another type of RFQ that creates problems for us: (mainly) consumables with insufficient description.
    Yes, we can find beakers with spout, 250ml, Pyrex-type, low form.
    Yes, we have spoons, stainless-steel, 250mm length.
    And yes, we can also find a pH-meter.
    But sometimes it is not so easy for us to find out what products are required in your markets, what product your customer would like to receive.
    Is it always the cheapest?
    Or sometimes the one with a better quality?
    What brand should it be?

    All this leads to delays in responding, to an unnecessary waste of time.

    It would be much more easy for us - and also much better for you - to provide us with enough information to give you an immediate response.
    The most easy way is to ask your customer for the manufacturer and the part-number of the product he would like to purchase from your company.
    If he is not sure about it - just check our catalogue. Either in printed or electronic form it is available.
    In electronic form you can download it from our website. In 5 languages.
    And then you can check your net-prices in our webshop.
    24 hours per day. 7 days per week.

    If it is not in the webshop:
    Just send us the name of the manufacturer and the model-number of the requested item.

    Please don't misunderstand us.
    Of course we want to do business with you.
    Of course we are very interested in cooperating with your company.
    But we are sure that you can also understand us.
    That we refrain from giving any quotation for instruments without any specifications.
    And that it will lead to a delay in responding when you don't give us detailled information.