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ZX-50SRT Portable Near-Infrared Seed Analyzer, Zeltex

Art #:
Validity: 31.12.2021
Last Update: 14.06.2021
ZX-50SRT Portable Near-Infrared Seed Analyzer, Zeltex


  • Lab Accurate Results in less than a minute
    • Battery or A/C operated
      • No Sample Preparation Required
        • Reliable, Solid State Design
          • Patented, Proven Technology
The ZX-50 SRT was created to encourage research in plant and seed biology and to facilitate the analysis of single plant protein, moisture and oil. The ZX-50 SRT uses as small as a 20 gram sample and provides you with on the spot analysis in less than 40 seconds.

The ZX-50SRT allows you to:

  • Know the potential field performance of the seed you produce, buy or sell
    • Know the analysis of your seed�s constituents
      • Have an fast, accurate evaluation on the spot
        • To segregate your seeds for more optimum plant populations and higher constituents
Basic analysis has been costly. It has been too costly for seed companies, to undertake in the past, but all that is now changed. The ZX-50 SRT is lightweight and completely portable, allowing analysis in the field, on the truck, or in the lab. It eliminates the need to mix or damage your experimental seeds just for the sake of analysis. As few as three stalks of grain is all you need to obtain a quantitative analysis of protein, moisture and oil.