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Our LaborTops - your quarterly source for great products at incredibly low prices.
Well-known products from market-leading manufacturers as well as innovative new products or basic consumables and accessories in a good quality from our LLG-Labware-brand at crazy prices.
Here you can find it.

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Jenway Scanning Spectrophotometers Series 72, VIS and UV-Vis starting from 1249 EUR.

Burkle Control seals for sampling close-it from only 33,42 EUR/red pack of 500.

IKA Drying ovens Oven 125 control dry starting from 1799,00 EUR.

Socorex Single channel microliter pipettes Acura® manual 825 / 835, variable from only 119,99 EUR!

Julabo Heating circulator baths DYNEO™ DD starting from 1899,00 EUR

Nasco Whirl-Pak® Sample bags, PE, sterile from only 43,86 EUR/ pack of 500

BINDER Heating ovens, ED, FD, FED series - Avantgarde.Line from only 769,00 EUR!

PLUM Eye wash bottles starting from 7,06 EUR!

CHROMAFIL® syringe filters Macherey-Nagel from only 57,97 EUR!

NEW Labortops 2019/1 is already available on our website

ESCO Laminar flow cabinet Aorstream E microbiological, 0,9 m, Class II, DIN 12469. More than 50% off!!! Polyscience General Purpose Water Baths - Digital - starting from 270 EUR
LLG-Syringe Filters SPHEROS - Cellulose Acetate - Nylon - PTFE from 0,16 EUR/pc. Heidolph magnetic stirrer Hei-Standart with connector for PT1000 starting from 413 Euro
Heidolph Rotary Evaporator Hei-Vap Value starting from 2128 EUR for our dealers! LLG Magnetic stirrer RCT Standart safety control incl. temperature probe PT 1000 from 359,30 EUR for our dealers!
Hirschmann pipetus® -accu 0,1-200 ml with charger unit and charging stand for only 269 Euro! Sartorius Analytical balance Entris® 60 g / 0,1 mg, external adjustment weighing plate Ø 90 mm only 899,00 Euro!
pH electrods, with plug head SenTix 20 only 64,90 Euro Portable pH-meter pH 3110-Set 2 in transport case with SenTix® 41 only 399,00 Euro
Kern Halogen Moisture Analyser DBS 60-3 noe only 769,00 EURO for our dealers! Ohaus products - up to 44% off!
Memmert UF55 available from stock! Limited quatity. All prices you can find in our webshop! To get access to our webshop - please contact us.
Check out great prices for Sigma centrifuges in our webshop! Bemis PARAFILM PM996 at excellent prices!
Great range of DURAN laboratory bottles. Great range of DURAN volumetric flasks and measuring cylinders.
Great prices are waiting for you in our web-shop! Laboratory bottles 100 ml without cap and ring from 2,32 EUR; Beakers, DURAN, low form, cap. 250 ml from 2,92 EUR Check out our clearance items!
Behrotest Fat-Extracton-devices from 1 to 8 samples Behrotest Kjeldahl Digestion Systems with temperature control

From tap-water to ASTM Class I, 5 l/h. - Hydrolab

Orto Alresa sieve shaker OASS203 incl. sieve-set only for 1.998,00 Euro!
The Portable Whole Grain Analyzer Zeltex now for only 5.998 Euro! ...for analysis... where you need it most... when you need it most..
Only now! Zeltex ZX-101 RZ RuggediZed Portable Near-Infrared Octane/Cetane Analyzer only 9.998,00 Euro! Choose your ASTM centrifuge right now!
Orbital shaker IKA KS 260! Super price - 46% off! Ultra pure water system arium® pro DI-T. ASTM Typ 1 water purification system for the high-end user.
Automatic test recognition with internal barcode reader. Premium optical system with reference beam. Refractometer Kern ORT1RS at special price!
Transmitted light microscope OBE112 from Kern! Safety Cabinet Class II Airstream from ESCO only now 4.998,00 EURO!
Compact digital 2-scale hand refractometers for measuring the sugar content and refractive index of liquids. Dispenser ceramus® from Hirschmann.
Graduated AS-Class Pipettes from Hirschmann only from 1,55 Euro! LLG-uniCFUGE - Good quality- Super Price!
Magnetic stirrers from LLG-Labware - great choice! Find your data logger!
Borosilicate Glass 3.3 - Beaker, Erlenmeyer, Bottles - All you need and much more! Enbio microwave autoclave microjet. Very fast sterilization time from 7 to max. 12 min.
Water purification systems for laboratory purposes. Distillation was yesterday!
Labtower Water Purification System only now for Super Price! Hematology Analyzer Diatron Abacus Junior Vet only now 8.900,00 Euro!
Analytical equipment from YUCEBAS MACHINE for Super Prices! Dilution, Rinsing, Dual Liquid Handing and Re-circulation in a single unit.